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Stag Inn Hastings
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Pets Corner

Martha, the pub dog, and Poppy, our pub cat, welcome you to the Stag.  They want you to know that they are working on their page but it may take some time, what with the lack of opposable thumbs and one of them only speaking Romanian …

  • Stag Inn Hastings dog friendly


    Hello, I’m Martha and I ‘m in charge of The Stag.  I love it when other dogs visit, it’s always a pleasure to meet them.  I’m not too keen on hoomans though.  I was born and lived in Romania for my first four years and I wasn’t very well treated, so I’m very nervous when new people come into my pub.  I think that’s why my Mum & Dad tend to keep me at home a lot. But I love The Stag and often spend an evening behind the bar.

  • Stag Inn Hastings Pepe the cat


    I’m Poppy and my Mum and Dad help out at The Stag.  I let them tend to my every need.  I sometimes allow them to stroke me, and sometimes not.  It all depends how I feel.  I’m not too keen on the mummified cats but the mummified mice are fun.

  • Stag Inn, Hastings


    Hello, I’m Marmite. 
    My Dad is really good at making food but then he gives it to other hoomans. More for me, please. And the odd tummy rub wouldn’t go amiss.

  • Stag Inn, Hastings

    The Hens

    Pandora, Penelope, Circe,  Helen, Cressida, Cassandra, Daphne & Electra!

    We belong to the Landlord and Landlady. They love us, cuddle us and feed us lots of treats. We pretend to be cute but actually we are vicious killers, just ask any worm. We aren’t allowed at the pub ‘cos apparently the Chef has a twinkle in his eye.