Stag Inn, Hastings
Stag Inn, Hastings
Stag Inn, Hastings
Stag Inn, Hastings

Welcome to The Stag Inn

A warm welcome in a traditional pub in historic Hastings Old Town

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The Stag Inn is nestled beneath the East Hill on the edge of Hastings Old Town and offers a great selection of food and drinks.

Inside, you'll find a Tudor oak-beamed ceiling and a stone arched fireplace dating from when the pub was built in 1547. There are two bars; the bar at the front is the most commonly used and the bar at the back is also used as a function room. 

Outside, at the rear, you'll find the designated smoking area, a patio and a further two tiers of steeply-inclining garden. The middle tier has picnic tables whilst the top tier has a newly planted orchard with a bower and a large wicker man. During the summer months the garden attracts many visitors. It is not suitable as a children's play area, because it's so steep, and for the same reason food is not served above the patio level.

There's plenty of entertainment here. On Tuesdays, we hold an open English Folk session; on Wednesdays, we have Bluegrass music and we have song sessions on the first and third Thursday of each month. Other bands are occasionally booked for the weekends.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to The Stag Inn. 

Allan & Sam

Our haunted history...

We are believed to be one of the oldest pubs still open in Hastings and we're said to be one of the most haunted places in the town - most people who have worked or lived at the pub have experienced some sort of presence. A Dutch sea captain, who was reportedly murdered in Eastbourne by Hastings fishermen, has been sighted near the fireplace. There have also been reports of a young girl’s presence on the upper floor, and an angry male presence in the back bedroom...

In its time, the pub has had connections with notorious smuggling gangs and characters from local folklore. In the cellar, there's a now-blocked entrance to a secret passage which is believed to have led to All Saints churchyard and may have been used by smugglers in the 18th Century. The Stag continues to hold strong associations with local traditions such as Jack in the Green and the Sussex Bonfire and Carnival.

In our front bar, you'll find the famous "mummified" cats or, more correctly, smoke-dried cats. They were found in a chimney on the first floor during the 1940s and were hanging from the corner of the metal work above the bar until the 1980s when, due to their fragile state, it was decided to rehouse them in a custom made wooden case. Whilst there is no historical evidence to support this, it is believed that these cats once belonged to Hannah Clarke, a witch who is said to have occupied the Stag in its early days.

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